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Independent Validation And Testing

Enterprises and ISVs must concentrate on delivering higher quality software products in today’s global economy while keeping costs in check. Testing throughout the lifecycle of an application helps to achieve those objectives, but high-profile failures can still occur. Industry leaders partner with AXSAI to validate software and increase the predictability of software quality in order to manage risks more effectively.

Although the significance of testing is understood by most organisations, few are able to do the scope and depth of testing required to detect the mysterious and sporadic errors that occur in complex environments. The CMMi5 processes of AXSAI, well-defined metrics and consistent reporting allow customers to minimise incidents of customer service, manage budgets more efficiently and create sustainable standards of quality into their goods.

We have worked with other software development partners in the past, but AXSAI is in a league of its own in terms of precision, skill, thoroughness and lightning-fast turnaround. To get our software projects up and running smoothly within two months, AXSAI had the internal procedures and technical talent, while competitive bidders estimated six to eight months to complete the same job.

Leverage Expert Resources

The Independent Verification and Confirmation activity of AXSAI  is a vital part of our Quality Excellence Center that guarantees best practices. You get immediate access to a “heart” team of experts when you employ AXSAI, whose advanced knowledge of specific test methods, business domains and compliance criteria suits your unique requirements precisely. The Core team is backed by a “Flex” team that scales dynamically to suit individual projects.

Partner with AXSAI if you wish to achieve extensive test coverage as product lifecycles continue to shrink and technologies shift. You will get the skills and support you need to stay a step ahead of the competition.