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As a project management tool Jira Software is used. Over the years, one vendor developed a plugin called Greenhopper for Jira to use the agile way of managing things. The plugin allows users to create and maintain agile projects. After a while, Atlassian bought the plugin and renamed the plugin to Jira Agile. Then Jira Software was born and merged with the Jira plugin. Jira is Jira Core without Jira Agile.

It’s actually using the Workflow technically: but just as you don’t stand next to the physical Scrum and Kanban boards telling people where to put things, you’re also enabling teams to determine which columns and statuses they have to be trained in accordingly.

 AXSAI  has a deep experience in the integration and administration of complex software tools in solution-deployment solutions. We have supplied organisations with app development services. AXSAI offers detailed reporting, custom workspace, automated workflows and the first ever road mapping solution through its consulting and advice capabilities, which include comprehensive global deployment and management expertise. To track progress of the project, we use widely accepted and reliable SaaS-tools. Search for and start using tools for each stage of development.