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Docker is the forefront of the container movement. They are designed to offer true independence between apps and infrastructure. In other words, they have the ability to addresses file dependencies, configuration settings, security, version control and overall cross-platform collaboration, etc. Besides all these, Docker also allows to encapsulate multiple micro services into container packages. 

Benefit of using Docker –

  • Consistent Deployment
  • Lightweight Operations
  • Better integration
  • Better security and scalability

Docker container services are the way to go!

AXSAI has been one of the early adopters of Docker solutions. “Docker has significantly revolutionized the software delivery process.” We provide complete Docker services with the unique implementation strategy.

Experience and expertise in Docker

We have years of experience and deep expertise with Docker container management. Our aim is to reduce your cloud infrastructure operating cost while maximizing the value delivered to your customers! We also provide Docker containers to help run your apps efficiently.